31 January 2023

Looking to achieve the ultimate curls? Look no further than TikTok’s pasta strainer hack

Users on the platform have found that the best alternative for a curl diffuser is a pasta strainer – and the results are proving incredibly effective.

The curly hair community on TikTok is constantly evolving and finding new ways to nail the ultimate curl at home. Last year, the ‘bowl method’ was the go-to, which required leave-in conditioner and dunking the ends of the hair into a bowl and squeezing, but now it is all about the pasta strainer.

Yes, you heard right. TikTokers are testing a cheaper alternative to a diffuser by scrunching the ends of their hair into a strainer and blow drying. The results proved more effective than a hairdryer attachment, leading to the birth of the pasta strainer curls.

Liz Fox Roseberry was the first to test the pasta strainer on her waves and shared the discovery with others who quickly jumped to try it for themselves. “This is a game changer,” say commenters, and “going to my kitchen to ‘organise’ and do my hair brb.” Whilst there were some concerns of “this is why I don’t eat at other people’s houses,” Roseberry assures that the method is as good, if not better, than a diffuser.


Replying to @maggieod915 #stitch with @foxcraftcustom here’s how to diffuse your hair with a strainer (Turned out even better this time!) #wavyhairtips #hairhacks #plopping #hairproblems #foxcraftcustom #wavyhairtutorial

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The reveal of her curls was compared to “angel hair” by viewers, as she subsequently released multiple tutorials on how to get the most out of the humble pasta strainer. “I wasn’t even sure I had curly hair at all,” she states at the start, “so this whole thing really shocked me.”
As users try it out for themselves, Roseberry warns not to use plastic strainers and to make sure the strainer is cooled down between long-haul blow dries to avoid burning. So for all the DIY curlers out there, the pasta strainer could prove your most valuable tool to date. Alongside the ‘bowl method,’ TikTokers have cracked the code for the ultimate curly ‘do, and all it takes is a root through your kitchen drawers.

  • Writer Ella Chadwick
  • Banner Image Credit Pexels

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