7 December 2022

Winter blues getting you down? An all-natural brain booster could be the solution to wellbeing woes

As many of us face seemingly unsolvable problems with clarity, focus, sleep, memory and mood, HUNGER speaks to NOON about how their innovative product could help you with cognitive function.

The wellness industry is saturated with products to help our well-being, but most of the time, focuses on physical health. There seems to be a gap in the market, where mental wellbeing is significantly neglected, despite how essential it is for our day-to-day function. With NOON’s new Nootropic Drops formula, HUNGER explores how an innovative take on cognitive function could help you live life with more intent. 

By understanding the science behind emotional regulation, founders Jane Wong, Cherie Lui and Christine Wong speak about how their Nootropic Drops can get you “feeling sparkly” again. CBD-infused products are trending throughout the wellness industry, but NOON’s Nootropic Drops are different. Infused with 300-900mg of CBD, the drops are combined with a custom water-soluble formula, meaning the effects can be felt within minutes. 

The drops can be taken from morning to night with ‘Rise’ for productivity, energy and focus; ‘Renew’ for stress, mood and anxiety; and ‘Relax’ for deeper sleep and lasting calmness. We get to the scientific source of how this all-natural technology can help with day-to-day function and working through mental blocks, as NOON brings eastern wisdom to neuroscience by mixing traditional Chinese medicine with brain wellness. 

Why did you feel compelled to create NOON? 

Most people don’t address their cognitive wellbeing as a daily focus like they do their physical health with supplements and vitamins. We talk about gut health, but what about brain health? NOON’s mission is to empower people by unlocking their potential. We believe that by addressing the mind, we can transform the body.

We have found from both our personal and professional lives, people are fed up with the feeling of what it means to “just get by”. We want to make the time they do have productive and enjoyable. So often, people think they don’t have enough time in the day, but it’s really about harnessing mental energy. That’s why we’re on a mission to create products and tools that puts cognitive first, and supports moving through mental blocks. Thinking calmly and clearly is immensely powerful and worthwhile, not only because you can get more out of your day, but for overall mind and body balance.

Brain health is a subject that isn’t often spoken about. Why was it so important to create a product to help enhance brain function?

The brain is the most complex organ in the human body and influences every aspect of life. It controls who we are, including our thoughts, feelings and actions. It rules the way we sense and perceive the world, as well as the way we respond, behave, move, and recall experiences; it is all orchestrated by our brain. 

We wanted to create something new that allows people to reach their full potential, and our NOON Nootropic Drops are a next generation of supercharged drops to amplify the mind. This is about allowing people to thrive. It is more than wellness, it is about transforming the way we think and behave to live with more meaning.

How can Nootropic Drops be beneficial for people in their day-to-day lives?

Nootropics are plant-based compounds that improve cognitive health and function. Think of them as brain boosters that can help you achieve your best state of mind. If you’re looking for a way to improve clarity, focus, sleep, memory and mood, or overcome mental blocks or anxious nerves, Nootropic Drops are a great way to do that. They are also all-natural and sourced from herbal plants and mushrooms.

Why did you decide to blend Nootropics with CBD, Adaptogens and traditional Chinese medicine? 

As Asian founders, we grew up with the power of Chinese medicine in our everyday lives. Our collective backgrounds in neuroscience and experience with TCM enabled us to take this knowledge further and make it accessible. Brain health often involves specific needs, such as improving focus, reducing anxiety, or improving sleep. A generic ‘white-label’ formula wasn’t going to cut it. Nootropics are particularly potent because of their synergistic effects. By combining specific ones, including CBD as a Nootropic, we get more cognitive benefits than a single ingredient alone.

What is your target demographic for Nootropic Drops?

NOON is about tapping into that power of clear thinking and empowering people to unlock their best state of minds. We believe creativity is an important part of everybody’s lives. We love the idea of addressing creative thinking because it’s connected to so many parts of who we are. Whether that be identity, problem solving or understanding different perspectives. So really, we are for anyone who is conscious and curious about their overall mental health and wellness. 

What results can we expect from your products in the short and long term?

People want to feel the impact immediately and for all of our Nootropic Drops, you can feel the effects within minutes. The set of three tinctures are meant to be taken from morning to evening, each addressing various daily needs. The drops can help ease stressful moments or help you feel aligned and focused.  We’ve had customers describe the feeling as “feeling sparkly” or experiencing “a subtle wave of calm”. Taken daily, Nootropics can have long term health benefits related to cognitive function, including improved concentration and memory, balanced mood and richer quality of sleep.

What is the efficacy of tinctures compared to pills or other forms of ingestion?

With so much out there in the market, delivering effective, high-performing products was the main priority for us. Going out with tincture for our first products gave us a few key benefits: being able to create a pure product with zero non-essential additives; and the most effective format to achieve faster, more consistent results. Tinctures are more readily and quickly absorbed than pills and other ingestibles, including gummies. NOON Nootropic Drops are faster-acting because absorption into the body begins the moment it hits your tongue. Our drops are also formulated with an advanced plant technology that protects the active ingredients, allowing up to 15 times better absorption.

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