16 February 2023

Oops – we’ve been saying EmRata’s name wrong this entire time

The model shared “the Polish way” her name should be pronounced on social media.

Emily Ratajowski has shared how to properly say her name — and if you are reading that in your head as ‘Rat-a-jow-s-ki’, you may want to take notes.

In a short video posted by luxury brand Tory Burch’s TikTok during their New York Fashion Week catwalk, Ratajowski told them that the way to pronounce her name is in fact ‘Rah-tah-kove-skee’.

Surprise: the ‘j’ is silent. The interviewer replied saying “Actually, if it is feminine, it is ‘Rah-ta-kove-ska’. Though the model was born in London, she has previously said she ethnically identifies as Polish-Israeli. She was raised in San Diego in America, hence the Americanised inclusion of an added ‘j’. 


Replying to @emrata she’s right! We’ve got the receipts 🧾 #TikTokFashion #NYFW #ToryBurch #ToryBurchFW23 #EmilyRatajkowski

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But viral moments, including this one on how to say her name, are no new feat for Ratajowski (‘Ra-ta-kove-ska’). This insider on her backstage fact-check is nothing compared ot the attention she has received following her relationship with comedian Eric Andre. The pair went Insta-official on Valentine’s in a birthday suit post of the pair, as he lay nude on the couch with her peeking in the mirror.

Many people are happy to see the couple together, as Em-Rata split from her previous husband Sebastian Bear-McClared who was rumoured to have been cheating. “Eric Andre out with Emily Ratajkowski is proof if you’re funny you can achieve anything. Stop acting like the Pete Davidson shit is a mystery,” said one Twitter user in response. Ratajowski was linked to comedian Pete Davidson after a few weeks of dating.

  • Writer Ella Chadwick
  • Banner Image Credit Instagram @emrata

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