3 March 2023

5 Minutes with Sunny Williams: The House of Sunny founder is entering a new era of romanticism

HUNGER sits down with the founder of the fave staple brand, House of Sunny, following their latest runway, titled ‘Law of Attraction’.

Founder of the cult indie brand House of Sunny, Williams took to the runway with his new AW23 line ‘Law of Attraction’ last week. This collection marks a new era that will move away from fan-fave sellout designs like The Hockney Dress and Day Tripper cardigan in favour of a more romantic take on the staples.

Over a decade since its initial launch in 2011, the east London-based brand has been nurturing an inclusive community of dedicated and socially conscious followers keen to join their journey. The brand is dedicated to slow fashion and sustainability and remains steadfast in its mission to find joy. Their previous season was inspired by health and wellness, and following on, their new collection will revolve around the themes of love and attraction. Embedding motifs of roses and sheer applique fabrics, ‘Law of Attraction’ balances key elements of femininity with a masculine edge by telling its own romantic story.

Williams speaks to us about all things House of Sunny, from his own favourite piece inspired by the 80s suits his Dad used to wear to the dedication to tackling overconsumption whilst expanding his brand. 

What gap in the market do you think House of Sunny fills?

For us, it’s all about the craft. We like to be productive and build and fashion has allowed us to continue reinventing. We didn’t go about finding a gap in the market, it was more organic than that. 

Are you still struggling with copy-cat designs and how do you aim to tackle this going forward?

We actually have worked into our product more to elevate its luxury, the fakes do exist but the comparisons are broad as our items have become more detailed. So you really can see the difference. 

With your ethos to tackle overconsumption, how do you balance your brand expansion with a growing audience?

Overconsumption is hard when a brand wants to expand. We just really try to cut down, make less, avoid multi-sampling, develop less, and produce small quantities. It’s really been about trying to be minimal and streamline all processes. 

What was the inspiration behind this AW23 collection?

The AW23 collection was inspired by the law of attraction. There are themes of love with some evening-wear and 80s masculine as well. Lots of skirts, fishtails, full skirts, sheer skirts. It’s about good energy and dressing for romance but with an everyday approach. 

What’s your favourite piece in the collection?

My favourite is the double-breasted green blazer because the fit was inspired by my Dad’s 80s suit. 

Who is the demographic for the ‘Law of Attraction’ collection?

Everyone! We really hope it appeals to a broader audience. One of our goals was to elevate.

What can we expect to see more of from House of Sunny?

We think it’s about being unique because so many brands just base design off of what others do or want. For us, we like to look into our theme and be unique as much as possible.

  • Writer Ella Chadwick

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