22 February 2023

Winos rejoice – No need to atone for your sins, those stains are high fashion thanks to (di)vision

The Danish label created a collection using the infamous wine-stained tablecloths from their FW23 show.

There’s probably nothing worse on a night out than spilling a glass of red on a pristine, pearly-white new fit. But hear us out; despite looking like an absolute mess, there’s something abstractly cool about it – and (di)vision seems to agree.

In what was one of the most memorable moments at Copenhagen Fashion Week, Danish brand (di)vision’s runway show was closed out by Sarah Dahl, who rocked a skirt disguised as a wine-stained tablecloth. Now, the brand is capitalising on that viral moment by using those tablecloths to create a capsule collection in collaboration with insurance company Hedvig. And so, drunkcore is born.

The label has become a cult favourite in recent months thanks to its ability to embrace imperfection, and this latest capsule continues that mantra. The unisex collection, titled “TABLEWEAR,” includes five pieces, all of which come with their own unique patterning.

Styles include an oversized shirt, high-waisted shorts, drawstring trousers, a short-sleeved shirt and a shoulder bag – all handmade in (di)vision’s studio in Copenhagen.

Simon Wick, co-founder and creative director of (di)vision, said in a statement, “the capsule collection forces the viewer to think in new ways and find beauty in something that previously was seen as broken or trashed. In that way, the collection celebrates the very core of both our brands – how to live life to its fullest without worries or regrets.”

So, next time your friend who had one too many carelessly douses you in a glass of cheap wine, why not try and embrace it? It’s high fashion now, after all.

  • Writer Chris Saunders
  • Banner Image Credit (di)vision

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