8 February 2023

Five style lessons to take away from Copenhagen Fashion Week AW23

Scandi style is famed for its super chic looks and, as we reflect on the whirlwind that was Copenhagen Fashion Week, here’s our guide to dressing like you just came back from it yourself.

Always tuck tablecloths into your underwear

(Di)vision’s AW23 show, titled ‘Dress for Disaster’, was full of Insta-worthy moments, and all it took was a magic show-style tablecloth trick to help them hit fashion headlines. Graphic baby tees, glittery eye bags, leg warmers, oversized hoodies, and thongs on show were all the rage. With the soundtrack of grungey Linkin Park and Limp Bizkit blaring, it has us inspired to embrace DIY chic, as though we are in a coming-of-age movie montage GRWM. The brand proved Avril Lavigne coloured hair extensions are definitely in, and there is no such thing as an ‘awkward’ phase if you make it super high fashion. As the finale displayed a model sashaying down the runway with a tablecloth attached to her underwear (?!) and burgundy off-the-shoulder two-piece, all that’s left to say is there is no such thing as an embarrassing moment if you own it. Smashed glasses and red wine-stained dresses: the toilet roll stuck to your shoe doesn’t look all that bad now.

Getting dressed in rush hour is kind of sexy

Amalie Roege Hove took knitwear to new levels, as her block colours and jigsaw-style shaped panels showed a new side to the brand. Previously opting for a finer yarn and spider-web style, this season it was all about the heavy knit with a hint of a belt buckle and metallic detailing, still proving that knitwear can be sexy regardless of wool count. The standout moment for A. Roege Hoeve was when one of the models got dressed on stage, as two team members wrapped her in panels of knit. Albeit slightly McQueen and Coperni-inspired, it took on its own lease of life as the dress-up felt more attached to realism. Perhaps an elegant take on getting ready in a rush when your alarm clock doesn’t go off, that ‘just threw this on’ knitted dress was the star of the show and had us romanticising reimagined knitwear in these colder months.

Embrace your inner Lisa Rinna

Rotate, the go-to Scandi brand for sexy going out-out wear, recruited Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Lisa Rinna for their AW23 runway… and it was all sorts of iconic. In a plunging black bodysuit with a furry leopard print coat draped off her arms, the reality star turned part-time model’s look was paired with pointy black pumps and chunky gold earrings, with a funky updo that made her almost unrecognisable. Lion mane at the ready, her strut was like she had just stepped out of the jungle, and it proved the perfectly confident sexy club getup for the 59-year-old. 

Girl about town will always be that girl

Ganni is the brand for that girl. And if you don’t know what we mean by her, it may be time to take some tips from the statement label with its band of loyal followers. Aptly titled ‘BUTTERFLIES!’, Ganni revealed their new butterfly logo with a string of structured tailor wear, whilst retaining their girlish sentiments in mini skirts and gorgeous metallic dresses. The styling of trenches over two-piece sets and an injection of all denim looks was where the collection reigned supreme. Held in the ARKEN Museum of Modern Art, the looks that graced the runway marked a great ode to city life, and the perfect attire to take it on with. Ready for weekend fun, Ganni proves, yet again, that elevated Scandi style is the ultimate getup for any occasion.

Add tomato soup to your fashion mood board

Yes, Henrik Vibskov’s AW23 runway was inspired by tomatoes, and yes, we are here for it. The Danish designer who loves to inject art, music, fashion, and food into his work is head-over-heels for the squishy red vegetable this season, as his obsession with liquid hydration and survival is the main ingredient. Red and green are more than just Christmas colours as shadow tomatoes overlaid plaid, and headbands were embellished with cherry tomato-esque beads. He experimented with methods of pleating, texture, and cutouts, as the attention to detail went all down to the models’ shoes, which were designed to look like flipped plant pots. Picnic table gingham was seen throughout, and if Vibskov’s 20 years in design tells us anything, it’s that inspiration can come from the most humble of things. Maybe it’s time we water that tomato plant?

  • Writer Ella Chadwick
  • Banner Image Credit (Di)vision's Instagram

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