7 February 2023

The neck corsage is the fashion girlie’s newest accessory

What is a neck corsage you may ask? Well, it's just a fashionable way to say a flower choker. But we aren’t talking about a Claire’s circa ‘06 BOGOF accessory, we mean some seriously sophisticated fashion.

Right now, if you keep up to date with social media’s ‘it’ girls, you will have noticed a new accessory on the horizon. Giving the basic choker a bit of leeway, the neck corsage is gracing the necks of influencers and models on Instagram and TikTok, as the ultimate going out-out statement piece, albeit not a very practical one. 

But are chokers really coming back since their death in 2015? Well, not in the tacky millennial way, that’s for sure. After peaking on Tumblr in 2014, in an Arctic Monkeys-meets-indie-pop type of way, the choker fell flat. It was only really those clutching on to the 2010s grunge era that wore them thereafter. Versions included those cheap-as-chips elasticated numbers, maroon velvet clasp backs, and the blingy chainmail choker.

But looking at social media, it has to be said that the choker may be officially back — well an iteration of the neck adornment is… This time, much to our relief, the accessory has taken on a new lease of life in the realms of elegance and high fashion. Kendall Jenner, for example, lead the pack with her flower choker. The red anthurium Loewe flower was first seen sitting around her neck with a long tail at the back, as she paired it with a strapless black midi dress, relaxed updo, and sultry stare. 

This rebirth will undoubtedly take some time to win over dubious fashion followers, as the styling is really where it will thrive. Club couture will dress up the accessory, and it will be reserved for elegant occasions and fits to hit the town in, preferably in darker tones or monochrome ensembles. It is trickling down to the masses already, who are daring to pair it with matching two pieces and funky updos, alongside, of course, a Vampiress style of make-up and smokey winged liner.


Bae, I'm not staying, I just wanna play @ice spice

♬ Ac r7sheed - rhy 🎸🍃 🕸️

So how will you wear your new neck corsage? Just in time for spring, this bloomingly fabulous accessory will find its home all over your feed, so get your hands on one in due time, or DIY your own with an old Tumblr-era choker and a rose bouquet left over from Valentine’s.

  • Writer Ella Chadwick
  • Banner Image Credit Kendall Jenner's Instagram

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